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Tony Montgomery

“All that is required is that we do the best we can each day. It's not a matter of how much we do, but how well we perform each movement."

Sport: Powerlifting
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 236 lbs.
Birthdate: November 29th, 1985
Hometown: Ft. Pierce, FL
Facebook: Tony Montgomery
Instagram: @tonymontgomeryjr
Twitter: @tmontjr
Website: TM Nutrition


Product Testimony

“To wear and represent a product that empowers people to lift weights and enjoy eating is an honor. The products are great for lifters, it's breathable, lightweight and allows you to move freely while lifting. Great clothes, great team but an incredible message.”


Favorite Movement: Squat, Bench and Deadlift

Least Favorite Movement: Cardio


Awards & Achievements

  • Ft. Myers Strongman Show, 2008, 1st place
  • Ga. Platinum Plus, 2010, 3rd place
  • Samson S&C Show, 2010, 1st place
  • Playground Strongman Show, 2009, 1st place
  • Orlando Florida Strongman Show, 2009, 1st place
  • Ft. Myers Strongman Show, 2010, 1st place
  • Power Athlete team, 2014, 2nd place
  • Wyoming State Meet, 2013, 1st place
  • CA State Meet, 2014, 1st place
  • Old School Iron, 1st place
  • LA Fit Expo, 2015, 3rd place
  • APF Spring Classic, 2015, 1st place
  • SPF CSA Gym, 2015, 1st place
  • APA Winter Classic, 2015, 1st place
  • IPL World's, 2015, 3rd Place

Quick Biography

"I was born and raised in Florida where I grew up playing football. I joined the Marines right out of high school and then spend four years with the 2nd Recon Bn. After I got out, I went to college at FAU where I studied Exercise Science. During that time I opened up my own gym and competed in Strongman. I spent two years in Colorado then these last two years in California. Now, I am moving to Portland where I will continue to pursue my passion of nutrition and training.