Meet the Team: Katie Rose Mraule

  • By Sarah Al-Khayyal

Meet the Team: Katie Rose Mraule

This week in our Meet the Team series, we've got our resident songstress and personal assistant extraordinaire. Miss Katie Rose Mraule does a little bit of everything, helping make the magic happen across all sectors of DNDL.

Job title: Assistant General Manager

Favorite thing about working at DNDL: Being with all of my friends. Even on the rough days, I have them to turn to.

When you're not at work or at the gym, you're most likely to be: Watching Netflix with wifey.

Signature catch phrase: YAAASSSS. or BLESSSS

5 Favorite things on this planet: Wife. My dogs. Coffee. Carbs. Show tunes. 

The soundtrack to your life: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack.

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