Meet the EMPOWER Collection

  • By Sarah Al-Khayyal

Meet the EMPOWER Collection

“i stand
on the sacrifices
of a million women before me
what can i do
to make this mountain taller
so the women after me
can see farther
- legacy”

-Rupi Kaur

We thank the women who came before us, and now we pick up the torch to continue the push for equity and inclusion for the benefit of the women who come after us.

Much progress has been made from the days of women being considered property rather than people. Thanks to the suffragettes we can vote. Thanks to the trans and queer women of color who led the charge at Stonewall, we can love who we love. Thanks to the likes of RBG, we can pursue the highest offices and chase our professional dreams. Thanks to Title IX we are allowed to participate in sport.

But there is still work to do. Especially in the realm of fitness and sport.

Gender stereotyping, lack of equal opportunities in organized sport, sexualization of the female body, exclusion of trans and nonbinary athletes, masculine hegemony in sports governance— it’s safe to say that sexism is still alive and well in the fitness industry.

But we need women and young girls participating in fitness. Not only does it lead to better quality of life, health, and self confidence, but studies show that participation in high school sport correlates to success and achievement as an adult. So we as the adults must do it both for ourselves, and for the next generation.

We must set the example for our girls. We must bust down the socio-cultural barriers and break down the socialized stereotypes of women in fitness. We’re not here to “tone up” or to burn the calories from that doughnut we ate or to maintain our “womanly figure” (friendly reminder, there are a million ways to be a woman!)

We’re here to close the gender gap in sports and fitness.

We start by empowering each other to be our true selves, to stand in our power, and to work towards a greater future. The fitness industry is built on people’s insecurities. But we at DNDL are fitness misfits— we are built on empowerment and inclusion.

This collection is an ode to the work our generation is doing to push progress further forward. To the women demonstrating that strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive— in fact, we believe they’re analogous. And femininity looks like an entire spectrum of representations, not just pink nails and makeup and done up hair. This collection is for the women writing their own stories and creating their own definitions of what it is to be a woman.

We wanted to create a line that would empower you to feel your best while you become your best. Break the stereotypes. Do what makes you happy. Wear what you want. Be EMPOWERED and EMPOWER others.

The EMPOWER Collection drops next Friday 9/30 at 8am PT.

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