Are Deadlift Shoes Right For You?

  • By Sarah Al-Khayyal

Are Deadlift Shoes Right For You?

If you’ve been paying attention on the Instant-gramz then you have likely picked up that we are coming out with our very own pair of deadlift shoes. Now, if you’re into our brand then we’re pretty confident that you like to deadlift, or at the very least know what deadlifting is. But perhaps you didn’t know that deadlift shoes were even a thing… and that's okay! So we’re here today to give you a little overview of what deadlift shoes are and whether or not they would be a good fit for you.

In theory, you can deadlift in any shoes— or even barefoot— but that often does not make for optimal lifting technique or outcomes. For instance, deadlifting in running shoes or any sneakers with a high heel-to-toe drop and a cushiony sole is not advised. This is because these types of shoes significantly elevate your foot off of the floor and have a soft insole/sole that compresses under heavy loads; this does not make for a low, firm, and stable base.

Instead what you want to look for is a shoe that provides a low and stable base that puts you as close to the floor as possible while also providing lateral support to the foot and ankle, as well as an outer sole with good traction.

All of these features make for optimal deadlift footwear that will ensure that you:

    1. Can easily maintain solid balance throughout the lift.
    2. Transfer as much force as possible directly into the floor, and lose as little of your force as possible to a cushy sole.
    3. Have good foot-floor grip and don’t have any foot slippage, which can particularly be an issue for sumo deadlifters.
    4. Have tight foot and ankle support to minimize pronation and supination.

    Now if you’re a rational person, you probably don’t want to buy a pair of shoes for one specific lift. We wouldn’t either! But the cool thing is that a well designed deadlift shoe can be more or less used as an all purpose lifting shoe. Bench press, squats (if you like squatting in flat shoes), all kinds of accessory movements— deadlift shoes can pretty much do it all, despite the specificity of the name.

    So whether you’re a powerlifter, bodybuilder, recreational exerciser, strongman specialist, or home-gym aficionado, it’s quite likely that adding deadlift shoes to your arsenal can only help you.


    The DNDL Deadlift Shoe drops this Friday at 8am PT.

    Check out the specs of these baby’s below to see how we’re making your Deadlift Shoe dreams come true…

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